"What we were doing was free form skiing, free from rules and most any kind of boundaries (...) free to ski our own style on our own terms."*
And that's what Shane McConkey did with a passion. He was the Freeskier, skiing how he wanted, wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted (so basically always) and earning loads of money left and right doing it. 

He was one of the greatest, most popular, and definitely most out-there freeskiers of his time, that is until he tragically died in the Dolomites on March 26th when during one of his famous Ski Base Jumps his ski got stuck in his wingsuit and when he had detangled it, it was too late. 

Now we don't think we'd do McConkey any justice having this post emphasize solely on his tragic death, so we decided to embrace his amazing lifetime during which Shane McConkey most obviously had the time of his life - all the time. That's what one can sense watching any of his film material, from his early skiing videos to a lot of features in quite some ski films such as „The Hit List“ (2005) and Ski Movie I-III (2001/2002) - to name just some of them. 
He always tried to make people laugh (successfully), be it by deciding to shock judges at some skiing contest by dashing down the slopes with nothing on but his precious skis or by inventing his infamous alter ego "Saucerboy". As the latter, he even managed to star in another great ski film: "CLAIM, The Greatest Ski Movie... EVER!". But see for yourself:

Now, a film that inspired Shane McConkey himself was the legendary classic "The Blizzard of AAHHHs"(1988), which reportedly lead him to his passion of freeskiing, realising that he also could do this: chase his ski dreams - doing jumps and stunts and other dangerous but brilliant things - and, amazingly, even get paid for it. Before that, he actually had tried to get into the U.S. Ski Racing Team but without success (and let's be honest - that path would probably have been way too ordinary for this free spirit, anyway).

McConkey, during his 39 years of living, never stopped pushing and challenging himself, a trait commonly found in those within that field of extreme sports. Eventually, he found those boundaries, leaving his wife Sherry, his daughter, and fellow ski friends and fans behind with grieve. But his mark on this world had been so great - he had made sure to not be easy to forget - that Sherry and some of his closest friends decided to create an amazing, thrilling and emotional documentary for, about, and named after the legend himself: McConkey (2013). In this documentary, one can fall in love with his joy in life and skiing and laugh with him about his hilarious way of not taking anything all too serious, including himself and his and his fellow skiers' role in the (ski- and extreme sport-) world. So, after all, there probably surely are more than enough other extreme skiers who are talented and deserving enough to make it as big as Shane McConkey did, but doing that as authentically, humanely and captivatingly as Shane McConkey - that is a rare find. 
Are you as bored of the snowless, joyless, ski-less (is that even a word?) remains of this summer as we are? Day-dreaming about taking your babies out for a quick ride in the nonexistent snowscape? Maybe even triggered by the thought of pulling your skis/snowboard out from that dark, dreary (but hopefully not moldy or moisty) basement vault, strapping your yearning feet to them and waiting for the first snowfall in your town to go get that first sick slope (even if that's only on your sad little garage-roof - after all, "snow slope is snow slope" right?) - Then STOP that train of thought right there, it's only gonna get you in trouble and give those suburban neighbours you hate a good laugh. 
We got a way better (and socially acceptable) idea how to show this silly season how skiers do it:

Go ahead, get out your skis/board and give them a hard look: any rusty and/or brighter spots or maybe even some deeper "wounds"? Did we hear a shamefully mumbled "Yes" right there? Well, well, well, then it is absolutely time for a good old Ski-Spa! Nope, not for you, but for your beloved Skis/Board. Because right before every ski season it is indispensable to get some ski tuning going, making your next ski trip much more fun and you ski much safer and quicker ergo look much, much cooler on that ski run. So, without any further ado, we shall now start with the facts and tricks you need to know to get your skis/snowboard in shape and that quickly (we even added some youtube videos we found to be helpful, that's dedication, right?).

1. Think:
Do you want to a) spend money giving your equipment to a (possibly way too expensive) ski service and have all the fuss done by them - (that would be easy, yes, but also not as satisfying as) b) trust in your own abilities and spend some quality time with your babies yourself, grooming them and caring for them the way they deserve it? Well yes, you obviously will still have to spend some money on that in the beginning, but after doing the necessary shopping you will have all the tools for all further tuning sessions and won't have to pay as much viewed over a longer period of time - soo... option b) sounds like an efficient plan, right? Then let's do this!

2. Shop:

3. Go!

Step 1: Base Cleaning & Repairing
  • Secure ski-breaks with rubber band 
  • clean base with base cleaner & rubbing alcohol
  • repair base with repair candle
  • let base cool off for about 15 min
  • even out with body file & sandpaper

Step 2: Edge sharpening
  • always sharpen base edge before side edge!
  • take burrs and rust off edges with wetted diamond stone
  • know the base edge angle of your skis before using your file on them!
  • secure ski and use file in determined angle, tip to tail, smoothly and evenly
  • move on to side edges - again: know right angle - use file (set in file guide) again tip to toe 
  • remove any burrs left on edges with gummy stone

Step 3: Waxing
First of all: there is cold wax and hot wax - if you have enough time go for the latter, it takes more time/effort but is more effective in the long run.
  • prepare ski with copper brush
  • melt wax by bringing it to the iron and let it run down the length of the ski
  • iron wax to ski tip to tail moving back and forth
  • remove excessive wax from ski with plastic scraper
  • let ski cool off a bit and repeat waxing process several times 

And that's it, everyone. Easy, right? And look at those beauties now, aren't they lovely, all waxed up and rust-free? By the way: Remember to also during your ski trip wax your skis/board religiously, that saves you quite some blood, sweat and tears as well as money. Seriously, artificial snow works like sandpaper on your beloved ski/board and wouldn't you rather speed than slip down the slopes?

On another not: any before-after photos are always welcome here, as well as some of your own tips for taking care of ski and snowboard!

Now, have a great (Spa-)day, looking forward to seeing you and your shiny as good as new skis/board on the first days of the ski season kick-off (counting the days)!
Your Myskiticket-Magazine!

In our new column we will be showing you at the start of the weekend each week ski resorts that; already have good snow conditions, are awaiting lots of new snow, or are absolutely worth a trip for other reasons.

For this Weekend (16-17. January 2016) we recommend Kronplatz! 

The conditions at Kronplatz are very good, on the mountain there is around 55cm of snow and in the valley there is roughly 25cm. Due to the 15cm of snow that fell in the last few days and the artificial snow machines the slopes here are in an excellent state.

On Saturday there will be a mix of sun and clouds. Sunday will also be similar, however with more hours of sunlight. In the Austrian ski resorts it is forecasted to be very cloudy and to snow strongly, so therefore for the purpose of the weather, Kronplatz is worth a trip in itself. With ferociously icy cold weather (minus 15 degrees in some places) it is advisable to wrap up warm this weekend.

Slopes and lifts
44 of the 46 slopes here are currently opened. That therefore means that there will be 113km of slopes that will be available for you to ski down this weekend. The mix of easy runs as well as challenging slopes is something for all skiers to look forward to. A route well worthy of a ski down is the particularly long route towards Bruneck or Reischach.

The special feature about Kronplatz is its special locations. When arriving at the top of the summit you will find yourself on a tree-less plateau, from which you can ski in 3 different directions. There you will also have a 360 degree view of the wonderful Dolomite mountain range and also lots of sunshine.

Ski pass prices
A daily pass for adults costs €45. All those who were born after 1999 pay €32 for a daily pass.

From Munich you can reach the ski resort in roughly 3 hours by car.

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MySkiTicket wishes you a fun time on the slopes!

In our new column we will be showing you at the start of the weekend each week ski resorts that; already have good snow conditions, are awaiting lots of new snow, or are absolutely worth a trip for other reasons.

For this weekend (9th -10th January 2016) we recommend St.Anton am Arlberg!


The snow conditions in Arlberg are extraordinarily good considering the winter we have had so far. In the last few days approximately 25cm of new snow fell. Moreover, it was also cold enough to use the artificial snow machines, so therefore there is around 100cm on the mountain and roughly 30cm in the valley.


On Saturday it is forecasted to be cloudy and to snow throughout the day. On Sunday however there will be better conditions. From time to time the sun can shine through the clouds until more snow is expected in the evening.

Slopes and Lifts

The slopes are all in a top condition and they promise an incredible skiing experience. All of the most important slopes and lifts are open, which will enable you access to ski a vast area of slopes with a wide range of difficult and easier slopes to choose from.


Those of you who, after a strenuous day of skiing, still have enough energy to party should drop in at Moosewirt. The Tyrolean ski hut, which has labeled itself as ‘probably the worst ski hut in Arlberg’, offers an unbeatable après-ski experience. The legendary DJ Gerhard, who has played everyday at Moosewirt since 1994 and has only missed 12 days of partying due to an illness, plays an endless amount of Austro-German hits.

To find out more about these Austro-German après-ski songs, click here for our top 25 German après-ski hits for this ski season.

Ski pass prices

Adults pay €51 per day, €30 for children and €46.50 for youth.


St. Anton is reachable in 2 hours and 45 minutes by car from Munich.
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It seems that the New Year has brought all the snow we’ve been waiting for. Since the turn of the year there has been lots of snow, the majority of which has fallen in the western part of the Alps. Ski resorts situated in the northern French Alps and resorts in the southwestern part of Switzerland have benefitted the most from these recent snowfalls.


Chamonix is reported to have approximately 1m of fresh snow coming this week, with 40cm of powder falling today. Resorts such as Val Thorens, Courchevel, Val d’isère and Tignes continue to offer some of the best on-piste skiing conditions across the Alps. Val Thorens had 20cm of fresh snow yesterday (3rd January) and even more snow is forecasted for today and tomorrow (roughly 25-30cm). Meanwhile Tignes, Val d’isère, Courchevel, all of whom have had good levels of snowfall recently, will get roughly 20cm of snow over the course of today and tomorrow. This snowfall will continue into Wednesday and Thursday, with between 40-60cm of snow.


In Switzerland, there promises to be better skiing conditions, particularly in the southwest. Yesterday (3rd January) Nendaz, Thyon 2000 and Veysonnaz all had approximately 40cm of new snow. They are all awaiting close to 30cm more powder this week. Verbier had 15cm of new snow yesterday; the snow here will continue to fall here until Thursday (about 35cm). Saas Fee is also said to great on-piste skiing conditions, with the snow height on the mountain reaching around 140cm, additionally, about 25cm more snow will fall here throughout the week. Zermatt currently has good skiing conditions, 8cm of new snow fell last night and there is going to be a continual flurry of snow (just under 20cm) until Thursday. Ski resorts in eastern Switzerland can expect light snowfall on Thursday (around 8cm) but will unfortunately miss out on heavier snowfall experienced by ski resorts in the west.


The forecast for Austria this week looks rather positive. There will be a higher concentration of snowfall in the west of Austria. In Obergurgl-Hochgurgl the snow depth is 76cm on the mountain, yet there it is being reported that 10cm of powder will fall in the coming week. Sölden currently has a snow height of 135cm on the mountain in addition to the very good on-piste conditions.  St. Anton had 5cm of new snow last night and can expect roughly 20cm snow this week with the heaviest snowfall coming on Thursday (11cm). Ischgl had 10cm of snowfall yesterday and will be expecting just under 15cm more this week.


The current snow conditions in Italy look very bleak. Italy has struggled for snow so far except for one part, the extreme northwest. Ski resorts such as Courmayeur, La Thuile and Cervinia are all projected to have more than 130cm of snow for the next week. There is currently a snow height of 140cm at Cervinia, 65cm at La Thuile and 45cm at Courmayeur. La Thuile and Cervinia have also been forecasted to have roughly 35cm of snow for today which will add to the 15cm of snow that fell at both of these resorts just two days ago.
In our new column we will be showing you at the start of the weekend each week ski resorts that; already have good snow conditions, are awaiting lots of new snow, or are absolutely worth a trip for other reasons.

For this weekend (19th-20th December) we recommend Obergurgl-Hochgurgl! 

Following the severe lack of snow this year most ski resorts have barely any lifts operating, visible grass on hills or either has the majority of their slopes closed. However, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl has surprisingly good skiing conditions given the extraordinarily mild weather we have had so far this winter.
The so-called ‘diamond of the Alps’ is renowned for its snow assured slopes and this year is no exception. On the mountain there is currently 66cm of snow, although this is a mixture of artificial snow and powder, the pistes are reported to be in a good skiing condition. The last snowfall here was on Thursday where approximately 10cm of snow fell.

The weather forecast for this weekend in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl looks promising with lots of sunshine. You’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic views from the mountaintops! There is the possibility that it could be slightly cloudy in some places on Saturday, however if they were to appear these clouds will ease off for Sunday. It will also be very mild and plenty of sunshine on Sunday, so it could be a good idea to go to Hohe Mut Alm to lie on the sunbathing terrace! There will also be roughly 5 hours of sunshine for both Saturday and Sunday.

Slopes and Lifts
At Obergurgl-Hochgurgl there is currently 92km/110km of skiing slopes open. The majority of the lifts are also presently operating (19/24).
Furthermore, there are 30/35 open slopes for you to bomb down this weekend.
There are a wide variety of slopes at Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, including a lot of slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers and there are also some freeriding routes available too.

The Top Mountain star, which is located at 3080m above sea level has a panorama bar and a viewing platform for you to enjoy the fantastic weather and potentially amazing views this weekend!
In addition to the Top Mountain Star there is also the Hohe Mut Alm, which serves top-quality Tyrolean food. You will be able to enjoy your food whilst gazing at Ötztal Alps. Moreover, the Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm, which was opened two years ago, is an incredible piece of architecture and is well worth a visit!

Ski pass prices
The ski pass prices this weekend fall within the changing from low season to peak season so don’t be too surprised if you pay a different price on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday (still low season) it costs €47 for adults, €33 for children, €38 for youth and €44 for seniors. On Sunday the prices rise to €49 for adults and the prices remain the same for the other categories.

You are able to reach Obergurgl-Hochgurgl in just under 3 hours depending on traffic from Munich.