In France, in Les 3 Vallées there has been the following developments:
  • Les Menuires have just completed a project which cost 12 million euro. A brand new 6-person chairlift called the “Saint Martin Express” has been built. It will replace the old 2-person chair version in Saint Martin. The new lift is more comfortable than the old one. It will be able to transport between 2400 and 3200 skiers per hour. The passengers will need only 5 minutes to reach the top instead of 15 minutes; 
  • 10 new artificial snow machines have been bought;
  • There will be a new learning area for beginners;
  • The whole area Mont de la Challe has been restructured: now there will be the possibility to ski at night;
  • At the top mountain la Masse skiers of all levels can ski thanks to a brand new blue slope;
  • The Easy Park is a new freestyle park accessible to anyone who wants to try to learn a little bit freestyle. The springboards have also been adapted for beginners;
  • There is a new red slope called la Chasse leads to the Cumin Boulevard.

A new 8-person chairlift called “Collosses” will start working from this winter season. It will be 2.450 meters long and it will carry up to 2800 skiers per hour. The old Grangettes Lift will be retired.

A new 6-person chairlift will replace the old Broucheaux-Lift. It will be 965 meters long and it will be able to transport 2400 skiers per hour. The new base station will be shifted higher up the mountain and, the top station will be moved 280 meters to its east.

Two new lifts are open in for this upcoming winter season 2015/2016:
  • A cable car with 15 places called Dahu;
  • A 6-person chairlift in Arc 1800 called Carreley, which makes it possible to connect the areas of Arc 1600, Arc 2000, Arc 195 and Peisey-Vallandry.


Le Grand Haut is the newest 6-person chairlift in Geradmer and it replaces the old 3-person chairlift. 

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