In Feldberg a detachable 6-person chairlift will be operational in December 2015. As a result, the ski resorts Seebuck and Zeller/Grafenmatt/Fahl will be linked properly. A huge area to park cars (for more than 2500 cars) is also part of the project.  Altogether it will cost 10.4 million euros.

In 2014 Sudelfeld started developing new propositions to modernise their ski resort. The project has been structured in 2 phases:
  • Phase 1 was concluded in 2014: a new 6-person chairlift will be built, the base station was equipped with manifold functionalities (e.g. children care);
  • Phase 2 starts this winter season and will be finished in a year: an old t-bar lift will be replaced by a new 8-person chairlift;
  • There will be a phase 3 that will start immediately after.

The ski resort will be modernized by this winter season:
  • A new 8-person chairlift will be put into operation;
  • Two new 6-person chairlifts are under construction, one in Wiedhag and the other one in Grenzwies.

The cable car (Eibsee) will substitute the old cable car at the top of the highest mountain in Germany. This new cable car will be second to none: it will be the highest aerial tramway in the world (127 meters), there will be a vertical height of 1.945 meters and will also have the longest distance between two trellises in the world: 3.213 meters.
The Skiarena Harz is planning to invest 25 million euros. In December 2016 a new ski resort will be constructed: new slopes, lifts and an artificial snow-machine system will be put into effect.


This year in Sauerland many new lifts are going to be opened. In Winterberg there will be an 8-person chairlift at Poppenberg in addition to a new 6-person chairlift. New artificial snow-machines will become operational too.

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