Here you are able to find a list of the ski resorts around the Alps that have decided to invest in new lifts, cableways and slopes. Many resorts have rebuilt part of their infrastructure, many others have been improved or even erected a new one from scratch. We thought about writing a column: in each new article we will announce which novelties the Alps have to offer and which new runs skiers will hit this winter!
The new season is just around the corner; there is no breakthrough without implementation. Every good company knows that, ski resorts too. Peek in this list of ski resorts to find out every interesting developments and changes to the ski resorts at the forefront of innovation.


Skiwelt renovated massively this year. These new attractions put Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser-Brizental at the forefront of innovation in this industry.
  • A new 6-seat chairlift called “Schernthannbahn” in Hopfgarten. It has all the expected features; heated seats, lifting table and the Direct Drive system. The main advancement will be a children recognition system: the cable car will automatically detect if children want to take the lift and adapt the height of the seat so that they could easily get in. Moreover, the design of the Schernthannbahn will look more appealing.
  • A new 8-person chairlift called “Jochbahn” in Brixen im Thale. It is the fastest 8-person chairlift in the world with a speed of 6 meters per second it will be able to carry 3000 skiers per hour. The energy used to power this ski lift will be provided through photovoltaic cells.
  • A new extra-large 10-person chairlift in Ellmau. The transportation of 3.200 skiers per hour will be feasible. The speed of the lift has been doubled: in not even 9 minutes users will cover a 790 meter drop and reach the top of the mountain at 1.530 meters. All cabins are equipped with Wi-Fi and will be easily accessible for handicapped people. 

For the season 15/16 the ski resort Saalbach has announced:
  • A partnership with the resort in Fieberbrunn. They will become one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe with 270 kilometres of slopes and 70 lifts.
  • A 10-seat continuous cable railway will join the valley station of Reckmoos Süd (1.284 m), in the Tirol region to the station of Reiterkogel (1.819 m) in the Salzburg region.
  • A modern 6-seater chairlift with heated seats and a weather protection cover. A new slope at the Steinbergbahn, which is 4.7 kilometres long has been constructed in Leogang.

For the 50th anniversary of the Kitzsteinhorn, new projects are in store:
  • 2 new lifts will be opened: Gletscherjet 3+4 lift axis. They will speed up the time taken to reach the top (3000 meters), it will be more comfortable and even more breath-taking. The cabins will operate 60 meters above the glacier. Therefore it is possible to reach the glacier faster. The new ski lifts are comprised of two new 10-seat cable cars and an 8-person chairlift with heated seats. In few minutes they will take the guests to almost 3000 meters.
  • The total glacial area will be reorganized: new wide slopes and a new practice slope on the Kitzsteinhorn at 2.600 meters.
  • The introduction of the glacial round tour, the whole year round.
  • The Kitzsteinhorn summit station is situated 3.029m. The modern shapes and the entertaining services will leave you speechless: Nationalpark Gallery (a 360m-long cave), Cinema 3000 (the film "Kitzsteinhorn - The Nature" projected on an 8 metre wide screen), Panorama-platforms to savour the grandeur of the valley, lake Zell and alps, guided tours with a National Park Ranger and the Ice Arena.

A new lift goes into operation this winter season: it is called “3S Penkenbahn” and it will carry 3840 skiers per hour from Mayrhofen (654m) to Penken (1790m). The ride lasts 8 minutes and each cabin has enough space for 24 people. The advantages? The time spent in the line will be reduced; ski schools will have an own entrance; there will also be Wi-Fi on the cabins.

A brand new 8-person chairlift will begin its service in the Kitzbühel ski resort this winter season. We are talking about a luxurious chairlift with premium quality heated seats made of leather. In just under 5 minutes it will take skiers right to the top. This lift is going to be the centrepiece of a new ski concept: 3 new slopes for all its skiers. In total, this project is worth around 20 million euros. Some old slopes will be brought back into use and an off-piste path will be integrated as a black slope. The new 3 slopes will cover a ski surface of 7.2 kilometres.

Hochgurgl is investing 15 million Euro into an ambitious project: at 2.175m a multifunctional building is going to be built. Its name “Top Mountain Crosspoint” and it is going to serve as:  motorcycle museum, the base station of a new cable car, a toll station and a modern restaurant at the same time. The building is huge: 6.060 m² of pleasant and modern architectural design. This project is linked with the construction of a 10-person cable car.

A new cable car, the so called “Mellaubahn”, will substitute the old one that connected the village of Mellau to the ski resort from December 2015. The capacity of this cable car will be 3100 people per hour. The base station works non-stop in summer and in winter. It is a multifunctional building we are talking about. It offers, in fact, sport shops, cafes with terraces, après ski, ski rental, ski deposit, ski lessons etc. The mountain station also offers a wide range of services such as restaurants, a kindergarten and even accommodation.

Starting this winter season there will be a fully operational, brand new 6-person chair lift providing a new lift to the Kaserer Kees area. This new chairlift is equipped with the most modern features: from heated seats to a weather protection cover. Skiers will arrive comfortably and quickly at the mountain station at 3.135 meters

Starting from December 2015, the users of this ski resorts will have access to:
  • A new 6-person chair lift (2500 skiers per hour) named “Schafalm-bahn”, which is equipped with heated seats and weather protection cover.
  • 4 new slopes (for a total ski length of 4 kilometres) a blue, two reds and one black slope. On all these slopes new artificial snow machines will be used.
  • In the following years Turrahcer Höhe will expand its ski resorts with another 2 kilometre blue slope.

In December 2015 the ski resort Spieljoch will introduce its new lift and slopes:
  • The panoramic lift called eub panoramabahn Geols will start working: an 8-person chairlift with heated seats. A maximum of 2.422 people an hour will be brought to a height of 2.054 meters.
  • The ski resort will have 3 kilometres of new slopes.
  • The time taken to get to the connection with Hochfügen be reduced, it will take from 8 to 10 minutes to get there. 

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