What is snowkiting?
Snowkiting is basically the equivalent of kite surfing where you stand on a board shooting over water and waves with the help of a kite and a trailing wind. However there is an essential difference, this time the water is frozen and you can cut loose with a pair of skis as well as a snowboard. Besides the ‘classical option’ to snowkite across frozen-solid lakes and snow-covered meadows, there is now the possibility to fly over powder-snow covered cliffs! From comfortable cruises to audacious and daredevil jumps, there is something for everyone.

What do you need for snowkiting?
You definitely need an enormous amount of space as well as an open area, otherwise you will find yourself hanging from the nearest treetop quicker than you think. Additionally, you will need an appropriate kite and set of skis or a snowboard. With a little bit of practise you will be able to rush across the snow. The highest recorded speed by a snowkiter stands at 111.2 km/h! Skilled snowkiters are also able to jump distances of over 50m and at a height of 10m. For this reason we recommend that you find a suitable snowkiting school, who will be able to prepare you with the most important tips, as well as providing you with top quality equipment and experience. After only a few hours of practise you will be able to record your first successful runs.

Where are the best spots to go snowkiting?
There is only one remaining question, where can you let loose everything? And where are the best places to do that? You should definitely only go snowkiting in areas that you know really well for your safety as well as for the safety of other skiers. Feldberg in the Black forest and the Wasserkuppe in the Rhön mountains are among some of the most prized destinations for snowkiters. The Wasserkuppe is situated in the middle of Germany and has a plateau level of 1000m.

The Wasserkuppe not only offers a huge amount of space to go snowkiting but additionally offers a rental service, discounted snow kiting schools and good places to eat directly next to the skiing area. At Feldberg you will not only have access to some of the best conditions for snow kiting but also you will have a unique panorama of the Alps, from the Zugspitze to Mont Blanc.

The Silvaplanersee near to St. Moritz in Switzerland is one of the best and most renowned places in Europe to go snowkiting. You can go on the frozen lake here from mid-January to mid-April because the area is always so windy.  Besides the amazing conditions and the top quality service here, there is a beautiful panorama that you can see between the Engadiner Mountains. In case it is to full here, there are other spots like Silsersee which are also worth a visit.

Furthermore, Reschenpass in Nauders also offers ideal conditions to go snowkiting. Because of the mountain slopes on either side, the strength of the wind naturally intensifies. Just like in Silvaplana, you can go snowkiting on the frozen lake, which is a good advantage for beginners. A cool fact is that there is a church tower which looms over the Reschen Lake. This is a remnant of an old village where 163 houses were purposefully flooded in 1950 to create the lake here.
Curious about snowkiting? Then give it a go, winter is just around the corner! We wish you an accident-free and fun-filled snowkiting trip from the team!

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