In our new column we will be showing you at the start of the weekend each week ski resorts that; already have good snow conditions, are awaiting lots of new snow, or are absolutely worth a trip for other reasons.

For this weekend (19th-20th December) we recommend Obergurgl-Hochgurgl! 

Following the severe lack of snow this year most ski resorts have barely any lifts operating, visible grass on hills or either has the majority of their slopes closed. However, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl has surprisingly good skiing conditions given the extraordinarily mild weather we have had so far this winter.
The so-called ‘diamond of the Alps’ is renowned for its snow assured slopes and this year is no exception. On the mountain there is currently 66cm of snow, although this is a mixture of artificial snow and powder, the pistes are reported to be in a good skiing condition. The last snowfall here was on Thursday where approximately 10cm of snow fell.

The weather forecast for this weekend in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl looks promising with lots of sunshine. You’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic views from the mountaintops! There is the possibility that it could be slightly cloudy in some places on Saturday, however if they were to appear these clouds will ease off for Sunday. It will also be very mild and plenty of sunshine on Sunday, so it could be a good idea to go to Hohe Mut Alm to lie on the sunbathing terrace! There will also be roughly 5 hours of sunshine for both Saturday and Sunday.

Slopes and Lifts
At Obergurgl-Hochgurgl there is currently 92km/110km of skiing slopes open. The majority of the lifts are also presently operating (19/24).
Furthermore, there are 30/35 open slopes for you to bomb down this weekend.
There are a wide variety of slopes at Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, including a lot of slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers and there are also some freeriding routes available too.

The Top Mountain star, which is located at 3080m above sea level has a panorama bar and a viewing platform for you to enjoy the fantastic weather and potentially amazing views this weekend!
In addition to the Top Mountain Star there is also the Hohe Mut Alm, which serves top-quality Tyrolean food. You will be able to enjoy your food whilst gazing at Ötztal Alps. Moreover, the Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm, which was opened two years ago, is an incredible piece of architecture and is well worth a visit!

Ski pass prices
The ski pass prices this weekend fall within the changing from low season to peak season so don’t be too surprised if you pay a different price on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday (still low season) it costs €47 for adults, €33 for children, €38 for youth and €44 for seniors. On Sunday the prices rise to €49 for adults and the prices remain the same for the other categories.

You are able to reach Obergurgl-Hochgurgl in just under 3 hours depending on traffic from Munich.

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