No one has ever booked a holiday with the intention to spend it only waiting in a queue, so why should you?

Don't miss sunrises like these waiting in a queue

In a day and age where the internet is making all parts of your skiing holiday accessible online, why are you still deciding to waste precious time of your holiday queuing at kiosks?
Buying ski passes couldn’t be much easier; you can easily select how long you want your skiing holiday to be, you can then compare prices between various ski resorts online, and then finally, with the click of a button your ski passes directly to your door.

For all of you who are accustomed to picking up your ski passes directly from the ticket offices, here are a few reasons as to why you can make your life easier this winter by ordering your ski pass online:

  1. It’s not the world’s best-kept secret that the queues at ticket stations can be painfully long, especially when you’re eager to start skiing. Supposing you are very organized and you do manage to get to the ticket offices early, the chances are you could even still be waiting in a queue. Buying your ski pass online and obtaining your ski pass beforehand therefore eliminates all this hassle and lets you hit them slopes even quicker.
  2. Even if you are not able to buy your ski passes online because the ticket offices for your desired ski resort don’t offer this service, there is also the possibility to recharge an existing ski pass. You simply read off the ski pass number on the back of the keycard and enter this number online. Your ski pass will be automatically recharged all ready for you to use when you come to ski lifts. Many of these rechargeable ski passes also work in many other different ski resorts.
Buying your ski passes online is something you should definitely consider, unless you are one of the many few of us who do actually like spending your holiday waiting in queues.

On mySkiticket.com you can easily find all ski resorts that already offer the option to buy your ski pass online or to recharge your existing ski passes. Popular examples are Kitzbühel, Chamonix, Verbier or Zillertal. http://rc.myskiticket.com/region/zillertal

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