Ski resort of the week: Kronplatz (16th-17th January)

In our new column we will be showing you at the start of the weekend each week ski resorts that; already have good snow conditions, are awaiting lots of new snow, or are absolutely worth a trip for other reasons.

For this Weekend (16-17. January 2016) we recommend Kronplatz! 

The conditions at Kronplatz are very good, on the mountain there is around 55cm of snow and in the valley there is roughly 25cm. Due to the 15cm of snow that fell in the last few days and the artificial snow machines the slopes here are in an excellent state.

On Saturday there will be a mix of sun and clouds. Sunday will also be similar, however with more hours of sunlight. In the Austrian ski resorts it is forecasted to be very cloudy and to snow strongly, so therefore for the purpose of the weather, Kronplatz is worth a trip in itself. With ferociously icy cold weather (minus 15 degrees in some places) it is advisable to wrap up warm this weekend.

Slopes and lifts
44 of the 46 slopes here are currently opened. That therefore means that there will be 113km of slopes that will be available for you to ski down this weekend. The mix of easy runs as well as challenging slopes is something for all skiers to look forward to. A route well worthy of a ski down is the particularly long route towards Bruneck or Reischach.

The special feature about Kronplatz is its special locations. When arriving at the top of the summit you will find yourself on a tree-less plateau, from which you can ski in 3 different directions. There you will also have a 360 degree view of the wonderful Dolomite mountain range and also lots of sunshine.

Ski pass prices
A daily pass for adults costs €45. All those who were born after 1999 pay €32 for a daily pass.

From Munich you can reach the ski resort in roughly 3 hours by car.

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