Freeskier Shane McConkey - The Man, The Legend

"What we were doing was free form skiing, free from rules and most any kind of boundaries (...) free to ski our own style on our own terms."*
And that's what Shane McConkey did with a passion. He was the Freeskier, skiing how he wanted, wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted (so basically always) and earning loads of money left and right doing it. 

He was one of the greatest, most popular, and definitely most out-there freeskiers of his time, that is until he tragically died in the Dolomites on March 26th when during one of his famous Ski Base Jumps his ski got stuck in his wingsuit and when he had detangled it, it was too late. 

Now we don't think we'd do McConkey any justice having this post emphasize solely on his tragic death, so we decided to embrace his amazing lifetime during which Shane McConkey most obviously had the time of his life - all the time. That's what one can sense watching any of his film material, from his early skiing videos to a lot of features in quite some ski films such as „The Hit List“ (2005) and Ski Movie I-III (2001/2002) - to name just some of them. 
He always tried to make people laugh (successfully), be it by deciding to shock judges at some skiing contest by dashing down the slopes with nothing on but his precious skis or by inventing his infamous alter ego "Saucerboy". As the latter, he even managed to star in another great ski film: "CLAIM, The Greatest Ski Movie... EVER!". But see for yourself:

Now, a film that inspired Shane McConkey himself was the legendary classic "The Blizzard of AAHHHs"(1988), which reportedly lead him to his passion of freeskiing, realising that he also could do this: chase his ski dreams - doing jumps and stunts and other dangerous but brilliant things - and, amazingly, even get paid for it. Before that, he actually had tried to get into the U.S. Ski Racing Team but without success (and let's be honest - that path would probably have been way too ordinary for this free spirit, anyway).

McConkey, during his 39 years of living, never stopped pushing and challenging himself, a trait commonly found in those within that field of extreme sports. Eventually, he found those boundaries, leaving his wife Sherry, his daughter, and fellow ski friends and fans behind with grieve. But his mark on this world had been so great - he had made sure to not be easy to forget - that Sherry and some of his closest friends decided to create an amazing, thrilling and emotional documentary for, about, and named after the legend himself: McConkey (2013). In this documentary, one can fall in love with his joy in life and skiing and laugh with him about his hilarious way of not taking anything all too serious, including himself and his and his fellow skiers' role in the (ski- and extreme sport-) world. So, after all, there probably surely are more than enough other extreme skiers who are talented and deserving enough to make it as big as Shane McConkey did, but doing that as authentically, humanely and captivatingly as Shane McConkey - that is a rare find. 

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