Ski Tuning DIY in 3 easy steps

Are you as bored of the snowless, joyless, ski-less (is that even a word?) remains of this summer as we are? Day-dreaming about taking your babies out for a quick ride in the nonexistent snowscape? Maybe even triggered by the thought of pulling your skis/snowboard out from that dark, dreary (but hopefully not moldy or moisty) basement vault, strapping your yearning feet to them and waiting for the first snowfall in your town to go get that first sick slope (even if that's only on your sad little garage-roof - after all, "snow slope is snow slope" right?) - Then STOP that train of thought right there, it's only gonna get you in trouble and give those suburban neighbours you hate a good laugh. 
We got a way better (and socially acceptable) idea how to show this silly season how skiers do it:

Go ahead, get out your skis/board and give them a hard look: any rusty and/or brighter spots or maybe even some deeper "wounds"? Did we hear a shamefully mumbled "Yes" right there? Well, well, well, then it is absolutely time for a good old Ski-Spa! Nope, not for you, but for your beloved Skis/Board. Because right before every ski season it is indispensable to get some ski tuning going, making your next ski trip much more fun and you ski much safer and quicker ergo look much, much cooler on that ski run. So, without any further ado, we shall now start with the facts and tricks you need to know to get your skis/snowboard in shape and that quickly (we even added some youtube videos we found to be helpful, that's dedication, right?).

1. Think:
Do you want to a) spend money giving your equipment to a (possibly way too expensive) ski service and have all the fuss done by them - (that would be easy, yes, but also not as satisfying as) b) trust in your own abilities and spend some quality time with your babies yourself, grooming them and caring for them the way they deserve it? Well yes, you obviously will still have to spend some money on that in the beginning, but after doing the necessary shopping you will have all the tools for all further tuning sessions and won't have to pay as much viewed over a longer period of time - soo... option b) sounds like an efficient plan, right? Then let's do this!

2. Shop:

3. Go!

Step 1: Base Cleaning & Repairing
  • Secure ski-breaks with rubber band 
  • clean base with base cleaner & rubbing alcohol
  • repair base with repair candle
  • let base cool off for about 15 min
  • even out with body file & sandpaper

Step 2: Edge sharpening
  • always sharpen base edge before side edge!
  • take burrs and rust off edges with wetted diamond stone
  • know the base edge angle of your skis before using your file on them!
  • secure ski and use file in determined angle, tip to tail, smoothly and evenly
  • move on to side edges - again: know right angle - use file (set in file guide) again tip to toe 
  • remove any burrs left on edges with gummy stone

Step 3: Waxing
First of all: there is cold wax and hot wax - if you have enough time go for the latter, it takes more time/effort but is more effective in the long run.
  • prepare ski with copper brush
  • melt wax by bringing it to the iron and let it run down the length of the ski
  • iron wax to ski tip to tail moving back and forth
  • remove excessive wax from ski with plastic scraper
  • let ski cool off a bit and repeat waxing process several times 

And that's it, everyone. Easy, right? And look at those beauties now, aren't they lovely, all waxed up and rust-free? By the way: Remember to also during your ski trip wax your skis/board religiously, that saves you quite some blood, sweat and tears as well as money. Seriously, artificial snow works like sandpaper on your beloved ski/board and wouldn't you rather speed than slip down the slopes?

On another not: any before-after photos are always welcome here, as well as some of your own tips for taking care of ski and snowboard!

Now, have a great (Spa-)day, looking forward to seeing you and your shiny as good as new skis/board on the first days of the ski season kick-off (counting the days)!
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